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FRESCO R32 Refrigerant Gas (7kg)

RM 180.00
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R32 is a synthetic HFC refrigerant designed for use in HVAC systems and as a replacement gas in some R410A applications. As a HFC, R32 has a zero ODP (ozone depleting potential) and low GWP providing a lower carbon footprint than most other HFCs. R32 is not suitable as a replacement for other refrigerants in existing systems and must only be used in systems specifically designed for R32. In general the lower the flammability of a refrigerant is, the larger its GWP. Due to its mildly flammability and higher operating pressures, equipment compatibility (eg. manifolds, gauges, recovery units) must be checked.

GWP -550

ODP -0.000

OIL - Polyolester

Application - Heat Pump - A/C
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