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Why Do Air Conditioner Leaks Occur?

It happens when water get trapped inside your aircon drain pan. This cause bacteria and algae growth which creates a jelly that blocks your drain pipe. That's why your aircon starts leaking

What Is K-Dry?

K-dry is a revolutionary product designed to provide a safe and smart solution for preventing air conditioner water leaks. Most importantly, it is a non-acidic product.

How K-Dry Work?

K-dry will gradually dissolving when it come in contact with the water trapped in your aircon. As the film dissolves, it prevents bacteria and algae growth, so no jelly will accumulate in drain pipe. Any dissolved residue will flow out the drain pipe smoothly.

How To Insert K-Dry?

Just slide K-Dry behind your aircon filter. That's it!
Then you let K-Dry to do its work!

No More Leaks, No More Worries!

Discover the smart solution to your problem with K-dry. Bid farewell to leaks and worries, as K-dry ensures a leak-free and worry-free experience.

Tailored Product Packages for Every Need

We offer a variety of product packages and usage options tailored to meet the needs of our customers, SMEs, and business partners. Click on each image to contact us today for more information.

Scientific Methodology of K-dry

Unlock the scientific methodology behind K-dry, a cutting-edge innovation that harnesses advanced technology to prevent leaks effectively.

What Our Customers say

Check out this fantastic testimonial from our awesome customers.

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